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Gulf Coast Kayak

Diana and Bryan Stockbridge – Finding Tranquility in Nature

“It’s a true joy and honor to bring visitors out on the water and have them experience a sample of what we get to see here every day.” – Bryan Stockbridge

Diana and Bryan Stockbridge began their journey to Fort Myers with an online search. Craving a different kind of lifestyle than what they were leading in northern Virginia, they were looking for a business to buy and landed on Gulf Coast Kayak in Matlacha.

“When I came to the Fort Myers area, I noticed the natural beauty from the get-go. There was a lot of green space, which I wasn’t accustomed to in Florida. While spending a few days on the water with the previous owner of the business, the abundance of wildlife was just incredible,” says Bryan.

Now, after more than a decade of living and working in Southwest Florida, the Stockbridges are still grateful they can spend their days showing off local treasures to visitors.

“Watching the smiles on their faces when they come off the water as they experience a dolphin show or a manatee up close. That’s very special and memorable for them. Being able to help them create those memories — that is my Fort Myers,” says Diana.

When they’re not showing guests around the water, you can still usually find Diana and Bryan exploring outdoors. Whether they’re paddling, hiking, biking, or spending a day on the beach, they both agree that being close to nature makes them feel at peace — and Fort Myers is the place they choose to be.

“We’ve kayaked in places like Alaska and Canada, and when we come back here we always tell ourselves how lucky we are. When I get on the water, it reminds me how special and unique this place is: the wildlife, the scenery, the mangroves, the sunsets,” says Diana.

Set out on one of their guided excursions and find your own Fort Myers on your next adventure.